Princeville Kauai Hawaii Sealodge Condo Map & Directions

It's really easy to find the Hula Hut!
I have some general maps to help you get acquainted with the Island. Below you will find I have provided driving directions to Sealodge Princeville.

Just a few Tips for your trip ...

*Drive Time is approximately 45 min to 1 hour drive from Lihue to Princeville. The best priced grocery stores are located in Kapa'a and Lihue--Safeway, Longs, FoodLand, Kmart, Cost-U-Less & Walmart. I recommend picking up things you might need in town before driving all the way to Princeville. There is a Foodland grocery store in the Princeville Shopping Center and numerous convenience stores around the Island. Everything on the North Shore usually closes by 10pm. You will have to make the 30 minute drive to a 24hr grocer if you need something after hours.

*Most of the highways are two or three lane highways (There is no 'real' freeway on Kauai). The speed limit is 50 miles an hour on these highways but you will often find locals are used to the roads and drive a little faster. Scenic turnouts are located off the Island's highways. These are the best places to view the oceans and granduer of the island. Do not stop on the side of the highway, for your own safety.

*If you are going to swim or be near the ocean use extreme caution! Many people, local and visiting, often lose their lives to the sometimes abruptly dangerous & swift ocean currents surrounding Kauai. Always evaluate the water conditions even if you are not going to swim in it--determine if the water is safe or dangerous. Never turn your back on the ocean EVER. The waves on Kauai's north shore (mostly during winter months) and elsewhere have been known to sweep people right off the rocks. Always swim when other people are nearby. Remember the number one rule; Don't Panic. Keep your head so you can get yourself out of a dangerous situation. Swim under large waves and immediately go towards the area of least resistance. Do not fight the current, you will lose. The main objective should you ever get into trouble is to swim sideways to the strong current away from rocks and large waves. Look for your opportunity to get back to shore. If not possible, tread water until help comes.

*Don't leave valuables in your rental car. Break-ins sometimes do happen in paradise, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Following these precautions will ensure you have the most wonderful vacation of your life!


Directions from the Lihue Airport (Main Airport on Kauai)

Upon leaving the Lihue airport turn right at the traffic light and proceed North to Kapa'a, Kilauea and finally Princeville (Approximately 30 miles total).  This road is called Kuhio Highway or Highway 56.  While driving through Kapa'a there will be a Safeway on your left hand side of the road.  This is a good place to stop and buy any groceries you might want.  There is another grocery store in Princeville, but many items are more expensive.

As you leave Kapa'a you will still be traveling north. The ocean should be on your right.   You will then pass through Kilauea.  Look for the Banana Joe's sign (link opens in new window) on the left.  It is a great place to pick up local fresh produce.

Banana Joe's fruit stand

Entrance to Princeville
Fountain at entrance to Princeville

As you enter the Princeville area you will first see the Airport (on the left) and then the Princeville Country Club (on the right about a half mile after the airport).  Daily membership can be purchased with a variety of activities included, if you are interested.  More information about Golf and Country club can be found here.

Finally the Entrance into Princeville is on your right.  Two low waterfalls mark the entrance.  You will then see a large water fountain.  Proceed around the fountain and continue on the main road (Kahaku).

Kamehameha Rd is the 3rd right

Sealodge entrance sign

Sealodge Condominium Complex

Turn right on Kamehameha Road (3rd right, signs are posted) and follow the road over two speed bumps.  Then turn left and follow the signs to Shearwater and Sealodge condos.

The building is the 'E' building which is located in the center of the complex.  Enter the building area and proceed down the steps to the left and around the corner.  Follow the instructions to access the condo on the front page.  If you have any problems please contact Jana at 510-444-2913.

The check in time is 3:00 P.M. and the check out time is 10:00 A.M.  This is necessary cleaning between visitors.  Please ask ahead of time if these times can be changed.  If able I will try and accommodate you.

A simple map of Kauai showing the Lihue airport available on this website and the location of the Sealodge complex in Princeville is also included in your reservation packet. At the entrance to Princeville there is someone located in the guard station that can assist in further instructions, if needed.

Access to the condo at Sealodge E3 is by touch button entry system.  Your entry code will be sent to you in your confirmation packet.

If you have any problems while staying at 'E3' please contact Jana at 510-444-2913.   The Sealodge phone number is (808) 826-9177.  Remember to bring an access card if you plan to make long distance calls.

Maps of Kauai, Princeville, Lihue and driving route

This is a Map of the North Shore of Kauai, encompassing the town of Princeville.

Click on this map to go to the Princeville Resort home page


For a map of Princeville on MapQuest Click Here (link opens in new window)

For a map of Lihue on MapQuest Click Here (link opens in new window)

You can also get directions on MapQuest
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